Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is it to rent a margarita machine from West Houston Margaritas?
A. Our prices vary throughout the year due to availability and seasonal demand. Our average price is $175.00 -$195.00 which includes a margarita machine, 50 8 or 10oz. cups, extension cords, our 5-gal. pre-measured mixing bucket, a heavy duty Rubbermaid cart and a salter for the cups is included. We will also set it up for you. Each additional bottle of mix is $20.00 as used. We also offer 10 miles free local delivery and pickup from our warehouse location on FM529 @ Fry rd.

Q. How many drinks does one batch make?
A. One batch of margaritas makes about 80 eight-ounce drinks. The machine will hold about one whole batch (5 gallons of mix)
Q. How long does the first batch take?

A. Indoors about 30- 45 minutes, outside on warm days, up to an hour. We recommend that if you use a machine outdoors, you will get the best performance if you keep it in the shade, if the outside temperature is 90 degrees or above, we recommend the machine to be used inside.

Q. Are the machines easy to use?
A. Yes!!!! At the time of delivery, the person that delivers the machine will explain how to use and refill the machine, No ice is needed for our machines, no bartender required, just pour the mix, wait about 45 minutes, and let your guests enjoy the drinks.
Q. Who provides the liquor and how much will I need?
A. The customer provides all liquor. We do not provide alcohol.
Q. How far in advance should I reserve my machine?
A. We recommend at least a few weeks ahead of time, if its for a holiday about a month or so in advanced, the margarita machines book up fast during the holidays.

Q. do I have to clean the machine after my rental
A. No, you just enjoy the frozen drinks and leave the cleaning up to us!

Q.  What kind of power do the frozen drink machines require?
A.  Each single dispensing machine requires a 15 amp dedicated 110/115. Electricity is the most important part for a machine to function properly. A 15 amp outlet refers to the size of the breaker that turns the power on and off to the outlet or outlets it supports. Breakers in the breaker box are always labeled with their designated amperage. Dedicated means there are no other items or appliances drawing electricity from that circuit breaker. Common items that draw large amounts of electricity are microwaves, refrigerators, deep freezers, toasters, crock pots, electric food warmers, blow dryers, dishwashers, washer/dryers, pool pumps, and air conditioners.


0 -> 50 Guests    1 Machine    1 to 3mixes
50 -> 100 Guests    1 Machine     2 to 5 mixes
100 - > 150 Guests     2 Machines     4 to 6 mixes
150 - > 200 Guests     2 or 3  Machines     6 to 10 mixes

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